Transcutaneous Laser Device

What is a Transcutaneous Laser Device?

Applying the so-called Laser Therapy and Prevention to patients do not happen without the right sophisticated tool for the job. In treatments requiring a non- invasive approach with the use of low-level laser, a medical technology like the transcutaneous laser device is used in addressing some of man’s common skin problems like skin aging as well as the appearances of unwanted veins, treated by affecting the subcutaneous tissues of a certain part of the body. One device that is able to deliver a treatment of this caliber is the Low Level Laser Device, Mustang.

The comprehensive treatment of physical factors is carried out in two forms - mixed and combined. Mixed form is the simultaneous application of physical factors on the same area of ​​the patient’s body. Whereas, combined form is a successive (at different times) application of physical factors. The combination of these physical factors generate development of functional synergies, mutual reinforcement of therapeutic effects due to biological effects and complementary effects on various sectors of the same pathogenic mechanisms of diseases and dysfunctions of the body, which result in development of cosmetic defects.


Often used in cosmetics like the treatment of a variety of skin problems as mentioned prior, this type of therapy is now gaining acceptance as a therapeutic modality for foot ulcers if traditional treatment does not work out. Medical research also disclosed that laser beams can set in motion the so-called micro-circulation process while facilitating supply of oxygen and nourishing substances to human tissues. It can keep steady the immune and nervous systems thereby enhancing speedier recovery. Blood cells and serum are major ingredients of the laser treatment.

What does TCLT treats?

Apart from certain skin problems that can be addressed via skin rejuvenation or cellulite removal, the same laser treatment can also be used as a treatment against chronic pains like osteoarthritis by giving out pain relief or, in a more serious case, a treatment against kidney inflammation resulting from bacterial infection.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the Basics of Laser Therapy?

• Apply laser therapy reasonably and with awareness, to understand process of laser and
tissues interference and to work properly with laser equipment one should understand
laws of physics, physical phenomenon and terms.
• The word LASER is an abbreviation for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of
Radiation. Laser is a source of electromagnetic irradiation in the visual range, which has
special physical characteristics.
• Laser irradiation conveys energy with strict physical parameters and high potential of
biological and healing effect on the surface of the object. Laser irradiation is different
from other forms of irradiation.

What are the mechanisms of Low Intensity Laser Irradiation Biological Action?

• In the process of ageing as well as in case of any disease regardless ethiology and
pathogenesis there is violation of microcirculation of blood and circulation of lymph. As
a result normal balance between cellular, intestinal, blood and lymph areas in the
internal medium of the body is being damaged (capillary vessel cramp, decrease in
numbers of capillary vessels and their density, derivation of blood and lymph in the
precapillary area, worsening of transported medium rheology) It leads to swelling, tissue
hypoxia, not full oxidation of metabolic products and their accumulation, disturbances
in the functioning of collagenic pool, accumulation of the hydrolytic products in tissues,
exhaustion of anti-oxidative and immune systems etc.
• The process of positive changes in biological tissue of the body under the influence of
low-energy laser irradiation is following: anti-inflammatory effect, pain-killer,
stimulation of recovering processes.