Beauty Laser Therapy

What Beauty Laser Therapy is About?

Integrated Laser and Complementary Medicine (ILACM)’s Beauty Laser Therapy or Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) is used specifically for cosmetics such as for facial rejuvenation, removal of cellulite and acupuncture.

Not many people are aware of the application of LLLT in cosmetology in maintaining or restoring its patients’ good looks, but its practice is not really something new—this method has been available for more than 30 years now, often used for people with either skin diseases or cosmetic problems. It has been proven that the therapy has beneficial influence on the skin and whole body in general.

The use of LLLT for the prevention of the aging of the skin (or delay on its progression) and the underlying subcutaneous tissues of the face, neck, and the entire body is a dynamic and intellectual process, made under the supervision of specialists like cosmetologists and laser therapy specialist. In cosmetology, this is used for therapeutic and preventive purposes independently (mono laser therapy), and in combination with other physical factors.

Laser therapy and laser prevention of aging of the skin and subcutaneous tissues of the face, neck and entire body is a dynamic process, made under the supervision of specialists: cosmetologist, laser therapy specialist. In cosmetology, this is used for therapeutic and preventive purposes independently (mono laser therapy), and in combination with other physical factors.


• It has positive effects on superficial bio-tissues.
• It slows down ageing of the cells and extracellular connective tissue.
• It leads to better elasticity, lower density of epidermis and derma.
• It increases thickness of the epidermal layer and dermo-epidermal connection by
increasing the number of mitosis and reduce desquamation.
• It reconstructs the derma by streamlining the structure of the elastic collagen fibers
with the restoration of the water sector, and reducing the amount of colloidal masses.
• It increases the amount of sweat and sebaceous glands and increased their activity.
• Fat tissue mass recovery in parallel with the normalization of metabolic processes.
• Accumulation of fat tissue fixation on its natural position.
• Increased muscle mass with improved metabolic processes.

What does Beauty Laser treat?

1. Cellulite – This is a cosmetic defect among women which appears because of stagnation. It is characterized by local fatty deposits on the abdomen and hips as bumps or nodes. Both overweight and slim women can have cellulite. There is thickening of the connective tissue and poor circulation which consequently leads to a change in the skin surface.

2. General Face Lifting – This modality is used to prevent the appearance of wrinkles. The program consists of regular skin care, with the first, second, fifth and sixth types of aging.

Face-lifting methods consist of the following components:

• Laser puncture
• Laser strokes
• Photo Phoresis
• Vacuum photo phoresis (laser phoresis)

3. Laser Cleaning Skin Absorption - It is used for oily skin and pimples or pustules.

4. Abdominal Obesity – This is the build-up of excess fats in the stomach.

5. Stretch Marks – These are lines or strips on the skin, especially in the stomach.

6. The marks are caused by distension of the skin due to obesity or during pregnancy.

7. Carbuncles – These are severe abscesses or multiple boils in the skin infected with staphylococcus bacteria.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the rules for cosmetic procedures?

Cleansing is performed with special cleaning agents like lotions and gels. It is possible to use certain mild peelings occasionally minus concentrated acids and coarse chemical agents.

Machine techniques use special cosmetics to smooth wrinkles and skin lifting that provides anti-cellulite effects.

Light lymphatic drainage massage of the areas affected by machine treatment.

Toning, moisturizing with the help of special face masks.

For facial procedures, the patient’s eyes must be protected from direct and reflected light. Cover them with a cotton swab soaked in alcohol-free moisturizing lotion or distilled water.

All cosmetic products must be selected based on skin type.

What are the specific methods?

Total treatment time should be 35 minutes (not including the preparatory stages of skin cleansing).

The course consists of 10-12 sessions. These will depend on the combination with other technologies and wishes of the client. Daily sessions are preferred for more visible clinical effects.

There is a "salon" session distribution scheme:
Week 1 - 3 sessions
Weeks 2 & 3 – 2 sessions weekly and 1 or 2 sessions per week until the end of the
course made up of 10-12 sessions.

Possibility of creating individual schemes combining different techniques. This should take into account the basic rules. The optimal course is 4 weeks. The maximum course is 10 weeks. This is scheduled 2-3 times every week.