ILACM’s Dumaguete Sojourn

The ILACM team composed of CEO Rommel Santos; Cardiologist Doctor Danilo Delfin; Business Development Director Toni Miranda; Nurses Gloria Flores, Dianne Yabut, and Anne Yabut were in Dumaguete early this month for an information session on Intravenous Laser Therapy. Of course,...

ILACM’s Photodynamic Therapy Brings Hope to Patient with Brain Tumor

Whatever you are doing right now, stop that for a moment. Get rid of any possible distractions and focus on this brief article. What you will learn is not something that came out from fairy tales or fiction but rather is based on real life events, it might change the way you look...

IV Laser Healing Stories : Sofronio Hermoso “Thankful for His Unnamed Savior!”

  Sofronio Hermoso was diagnosed to have blocked arteries and therefore was advised to undergo angiogram and bypass. However, due to the cost of these procedures, he did not proceed to take any of them. In their search for treatment, via friends, he got to know Integrated Laser...

Intravenous Laser Therapy: The New Anti-Aging Breakthrough

  It is imperative in Integrative Medicine research to exhaust all possibilities to healing. More importantly, such procedure should consider the individual as an integral whole. It is in this light that Integrative Medicine builds the bridge between orthodox medicine and...