Morong (Bataan) Senior Citizens Participate in ILACM Preventive Healthcare Sessions

More than 200 senior citizens of Barangay Poblacion in the coastal town of Morong, Bataan took part in preventive healthcare sessions initiated by Integrated Laser and Complementary Medicine (ILACM) last June 21 at the municipality’s plaza and covered court. This wellness session...

IV Laser Healing Stories Series: Rowena Tibon “Laser, Natural and Synthetic Medications, Perfect Combination”

  Rowena, like her father and mother, were under the care of laser therapy. It was her mother, who introduced Rowena to laser. Despite her mother’s passing away last 2013, she still shared how laser helped her diabetic mother feel better. Rowena’s mother died due to many...

The Evolution of Laser Therapy In The Philippines

By: Ronnie C. Bernardo, RMT (Wellness Advocate) My  first encounter with laser chelation therapy Introducing a new and improved laser therapy. I have tried this Laser Blood Irradiation Therapy many times, known in other clinics as Laser Biochelation Therapy, Laser Chelation...