Stress: The Root of All Illnesses (but it all depends on you)

We commonly view stress as a lifestyle buzzword that people respond with positively or negatively, and which affects the body physically, emotionally, psychologically and mentally. A scientific definition of stress goes like this: a process in which environmental demands strain an organism’s adaptive capacity resulting in both psychological demands as well as biological changes that could place at risk for illness.

Taking a cue from the above definition, the stressor emanates from the environment and stirs the emotion strongly or moderately. If the stressor affected the person greatly and it lingered for a time unaddressed, it may lead to implications in his or her body such as illness or disease.

 There is good or positive stress (eustress) where the body reaction results to alertness, improved performance or desirable result. To say the least, it gives good vibes, a sense of victory and success that may last for a certain period.  However, stress is mostly associated, if not synonymous, with distress or anything unpleasant and negative. When we feel agitated, down, or confused due to traffic, inflation, a toxic boss or co-worker, a difficult task at hand, arguments, persistent problems needing solutions, we have to find ways to end it soon. Some of these negative stressors are everyday facts that we must learn to live with, it all depends on our susceptibility and how we deal with the situation.

A person’s receptiveness to stress varies according to these factors: coping style, personality, genetic vulnerability and social support. It’s like saying, one person’s threshold of stress is stronger or weaker based on these. Or, a stressor may cause serious implication like illness to one person but not with another.

Regardless of the person’s susceptibility, it is imperative that negative stress (distress) should be dealt with promptly to abate life-threatening diseases. Ignoring the symptoms will gradually make it into a mountain of health concern. The enormity of stress makes it the root of all illness as stress-related complaints comprise 75% of doctor visits according to Centre for Disease Control and Prevention and 90% for Occupational Health and Safety News and the National Council on Compensation of Insurance.

In the case of emotional stress, this contributed largely to cancer, respiratory orders, cirrhosis of liver, coronary heart disease, accidental injuries and suicide – leading causes of death in the United States. If we do a random survey, it is emotional stress that afflicts people and becomes the precursor of major diseases.

Hence, this maxim coined by spiritual guru Marianne Williamson that “the number one root of all illness, as we know, is stress” has everybody nodding.

Body Responses to Stress

 It is interesting to note how the mechanism of our body works and brings about good results though stirred by a tormenting situation. Example: A fire happening about to engulf your property or a paper that needs to be rushed because it could mean saving your job.

  1. Heart beats faster, blood pressure elevates and more blood flows to the brain. This will enable you to think and act fast to do the task at hand.
  2. The stored glycogen, protein and fat are used up and so, blood sugar rises to supply more fuel and energy to the body.
  3. Blood reroutes from the gut to the arms and legs muscles to augment strength, movement, and speed as required by the situation.

When faced with chronic, everyday stressors, the body reacts through the following:

Pain and ache in the head, back, neck, stomach, tight muscles and clenched jaws. Exhaustion and lethargy without knowing the particular reason, and sleep disorder. There is a feeling of anxiety, anger, depression, helplessness and clumsiness at times. Annoyance and being short fuse also happens that we tend to brawl if we could not hold it anymore, and worse, we become forgetful.

Diet is similarly affected. Either we indulge in stress eating or we hardly touch the food.

When we fail to address the stressors, the symptoms linger and build up gradually to form life-threatening diseases like hypertension, stroke, heart attack, diabetics, ulcers, and even cancer. These lifestyle diseases are also referred to as diseases of civilization.

Stress Test:

Check yourself if you do the following:

  1. Do I resort to eating, drinking alcohol or smoking when under pressure hoping these would pacify my nerves and make me feel good?
  2. Do I do things in a rushed manner and work harder than usual but do not accomplish much?
  3. Do I speak and eat fast?
  4. Do I procrastinate when I know I should be doing urgent tasks?
  5. Do I sleep long today or deprive myself of it tomorrow?

If you see yourself guilty of these behaviors you need to decide and talk to yourself.

Coping with Stress

Here are practical tips you can begin doing today to counter stress:

  1. Try to get up each day to exercise. Simply walking around at least 30 minutes will do.
  2. Empty your mind with cares. Instead, think of pleasant things.
  3. Make time for physical, relaxing activities at least once a week.
  4. Stay in touch with people you rely on for support like family, friends and community/church. Stay away from negative people.
  5. Recognize your problem and try talk it out with trusted people you know could provide you the answers or solutions.
  6. Set your priorities on what needs to be done first based on importance and urgency. Learn to decline when the tasks is not included in your list.
  7. Decide to get proper health care when you need to. Do not procrastinate when it comes to submitting your specimen for lab tests. This is the first step to nip the bud, so to speak.
  8. Take note of what you accomplish at the end of the day.


ILACM’s Approach

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