This innovative and ground-breaking technology came from Israel and widely used in Russia. This technique was practiced extensively in Israel but adopted later in Russia and sold commercially in some pharmacies in Moscow and other Russian cities until the year 2005.

Modern medical research disclosed that Onkokompleks BIOGENIUS has the capacity to impact anti-tumor effects directly. This outcome was highlighted by the bio-information element obtained from the patient’s blood sample. It is made up of specially-processed silver plate (matrix) connected to the patient's skin to identify any tumor or tumors. The term "Biotherapy" includes cancer vaccines and products of modern biotechnology (IV PDT, monoclonal (single) anti-bodies, cytokines (protein generated by cells), cellular issues, and regulation of genomes’ activities).

The promise of personalized cancer medicine
Ultimately, personalized cancer medicine seeks to improve treatment outcomes for all cancer patients
Diagnostic and prognostic tools that can more accurately assess the health status of new patients
Generation of better, safer cancer therapies that are tailored to the specifics of a patient’s particular disease

Minimization of treatment protocols that have been proven not to work for a particular subset of patients

Complex “Paracelsus” is the earlier version of Onco-complex “Biogenius.”
Malignant tumors in terms of cellular composition can be described as mixed. Tumors are genetically heterogeneous. Genetic heterogeneity (Polymorphism) is one of the characteristics of cancer diseases. This type of heterogeneity is considered a phenomenon wherein a single hereditary disorder can be caused by one or several locus mutations.

Conditions in organisms and tumors are generated during the treatment of cancer through various chemotherapeutic agents or radiotherapy. However, these do not kill all tumor cells. Some of these tumor cells remain unbroken even after chemotherapy or radiotherapy procedures. This applies to all kinds of tumors. Surviving cells are the source of metastasis and recurrence.

Modern therapy of malignant tumors is most resistant to the therapy of tumor cells. Upgrading the effectiveness of cancer treatment entails three things:

  • Enhance existing methods
  • Introduce new methodologies
  • Implement clinical tests

Biotherapy has emerged as a very promising approach. One definition of Biotherapy from Cancer surgeon/researcher Steven Rosenberg is the “Treatment of a human by activating the body's systems. Activation methods may be different but the effect should be the same. The suppression of growth of the primary tumor and metastases own resources of the organism.

The term "Biotherapy" includes cancer vaccines as well as products of modern biotechnology (IV PDT, monoclonal antibodies, cytokines, cellular factors, and regulation of the activity of genomes).

This means the patient’s body, his agents or immunity instruments and territory identifies, blocks and destroys tumor cells. The patient’s condition must be fairly well for the application to be successful. Despite the tumor, the patient must live with the disease for no less than six months, eat normally and replenish body resources.
This is so since self biotherapy utilizes its own resources in destroying tumor cells. The quality and quantity of resources largely depends on the treatment progress and outcome.

BIOGENIUS is a technique practiced in Israel but originated in Russia. This complex of biologically active additives called "Paracelsus” was sold in drugstores in Moscow and other Russian cities until 2005.

"Paracelsus" was meant to complement chemotherapy and radiation therapy of malignant tumors. It reduced the incidence and severity of adverse reactions significantly specifically the decrease of hematopoietic bone marrow during chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Research studies revealed that BIOGENIUS also has direct anti-tumor effects. This effect was reinforced by the individual bio-information component prepared from the blood sample of the patient. It consisted of information products and specially-processed silver plate (matrix) attached to the patient's skin to project the tumor or tumors.

Treatment can be performed at home mode with preference in choices of food and beverages. One course takes around two and a half months while the number of sessions is not limited.
Experimental results on one component of BIOGENIUS disclosed over 62% of tumor growth inhibition (82%) and anti-metastatic activity.

Histological changes of malignant tumors are usually identified after five until six months (or two to three treatment courses. Total substitution of tumor cells by the connective tissue scars was observed in most tumors.

What are the glaring facts?

Cancer diseases are dangerous. These can metastasize to regional lymph nodes or distant organs and tissues.

Metastasis is known to be the most dangerous of cancer qualities because it prevents healing. The tasks of oncologists become almost impossible due to multiple metastases. BIOGENIUS provides the possibility of effective and safe anti-tumor (non-toxic) agents of plant origin.

The observed morphological and histological signs of the body’s immune system activation through non-toxic BIOGENIUS suggest the presence of investigated drugs can stimulate anti-tumor immune response. Said drug is expected to be not only therapeutic but prophylactic antitumor activity as well.

In general, the complex for Cancer biotherapy (BIOGENIUS) can be used in the following ways:

  • Comprehensive treatment component for different malignant tumors in terms of localization and history.
  • Alternative treatment for common cancers to activate the immune system and reduce growth of primary and metastatic tumors.
  • Prevention of anti-tumor immunity in patients with an increased risk of developing malignancies.

Conventional surgery, chemo-therapy and radiation therapy are the current procedures of treating malignant tumors. However, said treatment modes can cause additional Immune suppression. Such condition can possibly lead to intestinal ailments with major symptoms such as inflammation of the digestive tract and diarrhea. Expected outcome is Dyspepsia or depression. There will be nausea, vomiting, flatulence (accumulation of gas), and bloody diarrhea. All these aggravate the patient’s quality of life. Existing treatment approaches are barely effective.

The complex of natural food additives “Paracelsus” is meant to prevent and eliminate negative effects. “Paracelsus” was developed based on contemporary technology of extraction from plants and bee farming products. It is free from colorants and preservatives without any contra indications. “Paracelsus” generated considerable interest among many medical scientists who conducted clinical studies in leading centers of medical science. These were in Russia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine. Experimental studies were also made in Israel and Belorussia

Clinical Studies
Experiments were performed with 274 oncology patients as subjects. 115 of them were part of control groups. In the course of medical research, experts discovered the anti-diarrhea effect of “Paracelsus”. It also contributed immensely to quick intestinal microflora normalization. The immediate finding is it was very effective for prevention and treatment of late radiation inflammation and intestinal dysfunction due to malignant tumors and factors of anti tumor treatments (radiation and chemo therapies).
Administration of “Paracelsus” to oncology patients who went through chemo or radiation therapy helped reduce negative effects of the treatment and prevented development of immunodeficiency. This was also accompanied by expressed correction of immune status. No side effects or complications were observed.

Two phases of studies were conducted at the Medical Radiological Scientific Center (Obninsk) of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences. Majority of the patients showed positive dynamics in the composition of large intestines (microflora) plus normalization of the amount of bifid bacterium, lactic acid bacillus, and colibacillus. Meanwhile, the pathogenic microflora decreased significantly or completely disappeared. Stool tests revealed disappearance of leucocytes, erythrocytes, iodophilic microflora, undigested fiber, signs of steatorrhea and creatorrhea. Hemoglobin concentration and protein increased following a month of treatment.

Patients with uterine cancer were given “Paracelsus” one week before and during the course of complex radiation and chemotherapies. Some patients did not demonstrate dyspeptic symptoms while the bowel movement of others normalized after two to three days of diarrhea.

Patients with gastrointestinal cancer who received radiation or chemotherapy and treated with “Paracelsus” demonstrated no signs of nausea, vomiting, exhaustion, feeling of constant need to pass stools, anorexia, and fatigue. Belching decreased while mucus and traces of blood in their stools disappeared. Some patients gained a little weight and their appetites improved.

For the third phase, the many of immune system responses were reduced amount of T-lymphocytes, their main subpopulations, mainly T-helper cells, decrease in lymphocytes proliferative capacity as well as functional. All those changes have negative impact not only on the patients’ immune system ability to fight the tumor, but on direct side effects of radiation and chemotherapy like suppression of bone marrow hematopoiesis and gastrointestinal functions.

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