Intravenous Laser Therapy (IVLT)
Intravenous Laser Therapy focuses more on prevention that will result into a very healthy lifestyle. IVLT is also compatible with various types of physical testing. This exceptional modality is different because it will not just act as preventive approach but works genuinely for patients with the following medical conditions: Heart Attacks, Cardiac Arrhythmia, Myocardial Infarction, Brain Stroke, Chest Pains, and Diabetes Mellitus. It is also proven effective for Obesity, Goiter, Cancers, Joint Diseases, Urological Issues, Trauma, Withdrawal Syndrome (Drug Addiction & Alcoholism), and Dental Problems. Intravenous Laser Therapy can set off micro-circulation, enhance oxygen flow and supply of nutrients to tissues, balance immune system, and influence hormonal balance thereby facilitating faster recovery from sicknesses.

Benefits of IVLT

  • It prevents accumulation of cells which can lead to possible formation of blood stasis, hypertension and severe cardiovascular disorders.
  • It has the capacity to reduce high cholesterol levels in the blood.
  • It strengthens the immune system against infections, contagion and stress.
  • It improves the condition of our nervous system to help avoid depression and mood disorders.
  • It helps accelerate reduction of inflammation and pain as well as healing of wounds.
  • It can be used with other therapy modalities to deal with allergies, auto-immune diseases and lessen the effects of cancers.
  • It can improve treatment of diabetes. Hormonal disorders and hypothyroidism.

One of the effects of IVLT on the cell membrane is reducing its ability to adhere to other cells thereby preventing aggregation. Aggregated cells contribute to the formation of blood stasis, hypertension and other severe cardiovascular disorders. As the blood cells amass, the surface area that delivers essential oxygen and nutrients is decreased. It affects circulation, oxygenation and nutrition of the organs.

It affects circulation, oxygenation and nutrition of the organs.

Intravenous Laser Therapy conforms both to conventional and alternative medicine. In fact, it has gained widespread approval in medical applications and among many medical practitioners. It is now known as a form of therapeutic modality or treatment not only for cardiovascular ailments but for diabetic ulcers as well. In case traditional treatment does not work out, laser therapy can be a good option.

Integrated Laser and Complementary Medicine performed thousands of laser therapies on different patients afflicted with various conditions including cardiovascular issues. It also found out that heart patients defer surgery like bypass because of two main reasons. One is lack of money and the other is their fear of surgical operations. It is painful after surgery and takes some time for recovery.

On the other hand, laser therapy is more of prevention and the costs are reasonable. Besides, laser therapy does not go against the principles of mainstream medicine. In fact, it supports traditional treatment prescribed by medical professionals in different fields of specialization. Likewise, sophisticated laser technology in medicine solves the problem of side effects produced by pharmaceutical drugs. It is safe for all patients without hazards of side effects. The modality frees patients form pharmacologic dependency.

The best-ever news is this cutting-edge technology can contribute to people’s overall health conditions. It does not improve a specific illness or medical issue. However, it will enhance your entire well-being. The action of this laser technology is to develop Rheological properties of the blood.

At the same time, it will boost your immune system and stimulate key organs as well as activate natural defense mechanisms of the human body. This hastens healing process of the body with long-term improvement. It will save you money since it lessens or totally eliminates intake of medications which can cause potential damages to the organs.

Treatment of Medical Conditions
The cutting-edge Intravenous Laser Therapy (IVLT) is capable of treating a multitude of medical conditions.

  • Cardiovascular System - IVLT performed on our cell membranes prevents aggregation of cells. If these cells are not subjected to laser, the result is the development of body fluids like blood. It can result to hypertension and serious cardiovascular ailments. The accumulation of blood cells affects circulation, oxygenation and organ nourishment.
  • Immune System- Your immune system is making it more resistant to contaminations and strains.
  • Nervous System- ILVT can deal with cases of depression and mood syndrome. This modality can also help neutralize Schizophrenia.
  • Pains, swelling and healing of wounds – According to clinical research, ILVT produced a significant marked decrease in inflammation, pain and faster healing of wounds.

    IVLT paves the way for normal metabolism and substances like hormones and enzymes. It is capable of dealing with indigestion, infertility, obesity, diabetes, and numerous disorders.

  • IVLT paves the way for normal metabolism and substances like hormones and enzymes. It is capable of dealing with indigestion, infertility, obesity, diabetes, and numerous disorders.

Advantages of ILVT

  • The treatment is safe for all patients.
  • It has no side effects.
  • IVLT is not carcinogenic.
  • Laser therapy complements traditional medicine.
  • It intensifies the effects of prescription medications twofold.
  • The modality frees patients form pharmacologic dependency.
  • It is friendly to the environment.

The Process
The procedure is not really complicated. It simply entails the infusion of laser with various wavelengths and low wattage intravenously using a germ-free fiber optic needle. The light energy is transmitted by blood to different parts of the body and converted into chemical energy. This affects cell membranes as well as different intracellular organelles. This is a minimally-invasive procedure which does not need any downtime.

  • Nurse takes patient’s history.
  • Physical examination and initial diagnostic procedures for baseline data.
  • Make necessary comparison and determines existing contraindications to therapy.
  • Patient sits or lies down for IV insertion of sterile fiber optic needle.
  • Procedure takes from 30 to 50 minutes depending on patient’s case.
  • Patients are not required to wear anti-laser goggles since this technique is not harmful to the eyes.
  • Treatment is performed daily or every other day for about 10 sessions.
  • Maintenance depends on patient’s condition.
  • Common side effect is feeling of excessive calmness as the body systems try to recover
  • There are no serious side effects provided correct procedures are observed.

Low-Intensity Laser Radiation/Low Level Laser Therapy (Transcutaneous Application)
This refers to laser therapy and laser prevention of skin aging together with subcutaneous tissues of the face, neck and entire body. Comprehensive treatment of physical factors is carried out in two forms - mixed and combined. Mixed form is the simultaneous application of physical factors on the same area of the patient’s body. Combined form is a successive (at different times) application of physical factors.

The combination of these physical factors generate development of functional synergies, mutual reinforcement of therapeutic effects due to biological effects and complementary effects on various sectors of the same pathogenic mechanisms of diseases and dysfunctions of the body, which result in development of cosmetic defects.

This type of therapy is now gaining acceptance as a therapeutic modality for foot ulcers if traditional treatment does not work out. Medical research also disclosed that laser beams can set in motion the so-called micro-circulation process while facilitating supply of oxygen and nourishing substances to human tissues. It can keep steady the immune and nervous systems thereby enhancing speedier recovery. Blood cells and serum are major ingredients of laser treatment.

What it can treat?
This is effective for chronic pain, osteoarthritis, and kidney inflammation due to bacterial infection. It is also ideal for skin rejuvenation, cellulite removal and pain relief.

What are the Basics of Laser Therapy?

  • Apply laser therapy reasonably and with awareness, to understand process of laser and tissues interference and to work properly with laser equipment one should understand laws of physics, physical phenomenon and terms.
  • The word LASER is an abbreviation for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. Laser is a source of electromagnetic irradiation in the visual range, which has special physical characteristics.
  • Laser irradiation conveys energy with strict physical parameters and high potential of biological and healing effect on the surface of the object. Laser irradiation is different from other forms of irradiation.

What are the mechanisms of Low Intensity Laser Irradiation Biological Action?

  • In the process of ageing as well as in case of any disease regardless of ethiology and pathogenesis there is violation of microcirculation of blood and circulation of lymph. As a result normal balance between cellular, intestinal, blood and lymph areas in the internal medium of the body is being damaged (capillary vessel cramp, decrease in numbers of capillary vessels and their density, derivation of blood and lymph in the precapillary area, worsening of transported medium rheology) It leads to swelling, tissue hypoxia, not full oxidation of metabolic products and their accumulation, disturbances in the functioning of collagenic pool, accumulation of the hydrolytic products in tissues, exhaustion of anti-oxidative and immune systems etc.
  • The process of positive changes in biological tissue of the body under the influence of low-energy laser irradiation is following:
  • Anti-inflammatory effect, pain-killer, stimulation of recovering processes.
  • Application of low intensity laser treatment on superficial bio-tissues of the human body (skin, subcutaneous fat, fat pads and mussels) may lead to the following positive changes:

Mustang Machine
Low Level Laser Device (Mustang) - This system includes three fundamental parts which are the simple module, laser heads and attachments. It was first used while building Low level Laser Device. This one operates in pulsed, adjusted, continuous wave, and bio-controlled modes. This basic module is the core of laser equipment. It acts as power supply and control. It sets the mode of radiation and regulates the parameters of radiation. This includes frequency, time and radiation capacity. However, capabilities and operational capabilities may vary.

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ILACM employs the most effective natural and complementary treatment for multitude of chronic illnesses. ILACM always begins its medical treatment recommendation through non pharmacologic approaches with which the result is instant and complement it with natural remedy approaches to achieve optimum long term results.

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ILACM offers one of the most advance preventive and therapeutic forms of developing to advance stages of chronic illnesses. This is achieved through its cutting edge technology, the Intravenous Laser Therapy, Disolf, Inlacin, Anti Stress Gadgets, Holistic Beauty Laser Therapy, and many more above board preventive and therapeutic medical innovations.

ILACM offers a broad range of services for both local patients and those from overseas through our Medical Tourism Services.

ILACM does not encourage patient to stop his or her existing treatments.

ILACM advocates that patients continue using natural complementary technique with existing conventional approaches. The ultimate goal is for patients to slowly cut back on some of the traditional medicines in such a way that their condition significantly improves, employing only natural therapeutic methods with lifestyle change. Like all medical treatments and procedures, positive results may not always be achieved. However, ILACM does not guarantee therapeutic success since individual results may vary based on severity of the condition.

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