Helixor Laser Foto Therapy: A new protocol for cancer treatment and management



Cristall PT, a physiotherapeutic device that activates the photosensitizers 

If you think chemotherapy is the only cure for cancer, think again. Chemotherapy has been proven to be a failure, expensive and may shorten your lifespan by destroying your whole immune system and kill all the healthy cells. It was a kill all, mass destructive approach to cancer management. Cancer is a lifestyle disease and our body’s way of seeking attention that we are full of toxemia.

A Glimmer of hope for cancer patients
Many integrative doctors realized these facts and find new ways and breakthrough, exhaust all means in managing cancer by discovering many treatment models and new approaches, this led to the discovery of Helixor Laser Foto Therapy by our clinic, a modified and improved Photodynamic therapy (PDT) combined with endolaser and other modalities to selectively destroy tumors and cancer cells without harming the healthy cells and ultimately helps the body to heal itself.
How it all started
It was at the beginning of the 20th century when it was discovered that a cancer cell possesses a very interesting quality – it can selectively accumulate and keep, for a while, coloured substances, both those being in the body (endogenic porphyrins) and those being introduced into it from outside (exogenic porphyrins). There appeared an idea to expose this area with light with a wavelength which activates only these aggregations, and the total light energy should not be high in order not to affect healthy cells nearby. This idea was realized in 1978 by American Professor T. Dougherty who reported on the successful treatment of the first 25 patients. Later on, the method of photodynamic therapy (PDT) was developed in Russia, England, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, China, and some other countries.
What is Helixor Foto therapy?
It is an Integrated Laser and Complementary Medicine formula that combined the tripled action of PDT, Crystal laser, Photosensitizer Fotoditazin ( a second generation and much effective sensitizer ) and other healing modalities recommended by our medical specialists based on actual cases and conditions of our clients. Medical consultations and support can also be arranged from time to time from our Russian Oncologists. This way we maximized all efforts to succeed in treating and managing cancer patients.
The Equipment
The “Crystal 2000” device refers to the group of Russian-made diode lasers with a wavelength of 662 nm. The maximum output power of laser radiation is 3 W. The type of the optic connector for a fiber lightguide is SMA-905. The nominal voltage of electric power supply is 220 V, the electric power supply frequency is 50 Hz, the maximum power consumption is not more than 200 VA. There is a display on the front board of the device, it shows the power of laser radiation and the exposure time left till the end of the session. The overall dimensions of the device are 290 x 210 x 240 mm. The weight of the device is not more than 4 kg.
Operating the device, they use a front lightguide, a lightguide with a microlens and diffusers of different length.
Concomitant treatment
No other chemotherapy, immunotherapy, hormonal therapy are allowed within this programme. Any kind of disease progress which requires other forms of specific antitumoral therapy is a reason for premature removal from the programme. The patients must get full concomitant treatment (including anesthesia care, medicaments for prevention and treatment of beam complications, etc.).
Medicaments ( Photosensitizer) and methods of their administration
Photoditazine is a Photosensitizers of the second generation. Along with medicaments used now, new compounds are being researched which are known as sensitizers of the second generation. The main requirements to these medicaments can be put as follows: 1) they must have high selectivity to cancer cells and show low accumulation in normal cells; 2) possess low toxicity and easily eliminate from the body; 3) show low accumulation in skin; 4) be stable in storage and during introduction into the body; 5) possess good luminescence for reliable diagnostics of a tumor; 6) have high quantum yield of triplet state with energy not less than 94 kJ/mol; 7) have intensive absorption maximum in the range of 660 – 900 nm.
Fotoditazin is 0.50 % solution for intravenous administration, goes in 10-ml vials, each contains 50 mg (5.0 mg/ml) of the active agent in the form of N-dimethyl-glucamine salt of chlorin e6 in 10 ml of water solution for intravenous administration. Package: 10-ml vials. Photoditazine is a potent highly-selective photosensitizer for photodynamic therapy. It is able to be accumulated quickly (within 1 – 1.5 hours) in malignant tumors, at that the maximum contrast index ranges from 10 to 24 and depends on the nosology of a tumor. It is activated by light with a wavelength of 662 ± 5 nm and results in effective generation of cytotoxic particles, like singlet oxygen, in a tumor. Photoditazine, 0.50% solution for intravenous administration, at a dose of 0.7 mg/kg of the patient’s weight is slowly administrated intravenously into 100 ml of physiological salt solution during 30 minutes just before the therapy session, after that irradiation is performed. Irradiation is started and finished within the time interval of 1 – 2.5 hours after the administration of the medicament. The surface power density is 100 – 250 J/cm2. The exposure time is from 3 to 60 minutes.
The mechanism of destruction of a cancer cell


Prolonging Life vs. Quality of Life
Long life or quality life, what if you can have both? Some treatment have prolonged life but deteriorates its quality, even in life quality living is the outmost important. We encourage our clients to try all the modalities available, take time to do personal research, welcome new developments and to really make their own judgment in taking care of their own health and making decisions. If you or your friends or relatives is afflicted with cancer, feel free to inquire us about this modality.
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ILACM’s Approach

ILACM employs the most effective natural and complementary treatment for multitude of chronic illnesses. ILACM always begins its medical treatment recommendation through non pharmacologic approaches with which the result is instant and complement it with natural remedy approaches to achieve optimum long term results.

ILACM has been operating in-clinic and home services in different parts of the country for the last six years.

Our innovation has a proven track record of benefitting numerous patients with natural and complementary medical approaches.

At ILACM, we value your health condition and hope to help you achieve optimum health results. That’s why if you are an ILACM client, all information and medical opinion are evaluated carefully by registered medical professionals, specialists and consultants. Your medical information is stored securely in our Patient Management System (PMS) which is another cutting-edge logistics innovation. This is available should you opt to require additional medical care.

ILACM offers one of the most advanced preventive and therapeutic forms of treatment for developing to advance stages of chronic illnesses. This is achieved through its cutting edge technology, the Intravenous Laser Therapy, Disolf, Inlacin, Anti Stress Gadgets, Holistic Beauty Laser Therapy, and many more above board preventive and therapeutic medical innovations.

ILACM offers a broad range of services for both local patients and those from overseas through our Medical Tourism Services.

ILACM does not encourage patient to stop his or her existing treatments.

ILACM advocates that patients continue using natural complementary technique with existing conventional approaches. The ultimate goal is for patients to slowly cut back on some of the traditional medicines in such a way that their condition significantly improves, employing only natural therapeutic methods with lifestyle change. Like all medical treatments and procedures, positive results may not always be achieved. However, ILACM does not guarantee therapeutic success since individual results may vary based on severity of the condition.

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All statements, opinions and recommendation contained herein are meant solely for information and education. These should not be considered as substitute for appropriate medical diagnosis and healthcare. Just like all medical treatment procedures, results may differ significantly. Likewise, positive results may not be attained at all times. You can get in touch with our representatives so we can assess your specific condition.

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