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Healing With Blood Irradiation/Laser Therapy

By: Ronnie C. Bernardo,

RMT  (Wellness Advocate)



I had a chance of visiting Cebu and to check on this clinic in Mango Square Mall in Maxillon Avenue. The Integrated Laser and Complementary Medicine Clinic with a tagline, ” preventative healthcare for a healthier you“, being an aficionado and an advocate of different healing modalities, I checked on the clinic, interviewed doctors, staffs, patients/clients and discovered so many things, some of these chronicles will be written on a separate feature articles, like the very touching stories of healing, for now I want to tell my personal experience with this facility.
I was welcomed by Nurse Gloria Flores, who manages the clinic, a very fine lady with bubbly personality and very carinosa (sweet, always smiling), she made me and I guess, all the patients very much at home in the clinic. There, I also met Dr. Ardel Binoya, Dr. Ned Nepange and Mr. JR, who are very much competent and knowledgeable about different healing modalities. I am impressed with their credentials and they are very passionate and intense about their practices, more on them on separate articles.


Their Corporate Philosophy 

The Clinic offers :
Photodynamic therapy (PDT)
Blood Irradiation using Intravenous (I.V.) and Non I.V. Laser Therapy
Low Intensity Laser Therapy of Various Diseases
Some of the modalities also being offered in combined with Lasers are:
Homeopathy- Homotoxicology
Gemmo Therapy
Helixor Therapy for Cancers
Biochemical Cell Salt Therapy
Ayurvedic Medicine (No synthetic Drugs)
Sanum Theraphy
Polysan Therapy
Dr. Ardel V. Binoya with electrodermatron screening

Dr. Ardel Binoya said he combined all the modalities available and in some cases, a certain modalities are very specific to some patients, it was a case to case basis, that is why it is called Integrative Medicine and not Alternative Medicine. It was an addition to the patient’s present management, since according to him in severe cases conventional medicines can not be totally taken away but to be weaned out or tapered. He combined both his expertise in Internal Medicine and Complementary Medicine, this way all health issues are addressed. I tried Electrodermatron screening balancer for pre-screening that measure the energy levels of different organs, it was an amazing invention from Germany by VOLLS Electro -accupuncture. His findings: Low lymphatic functions and very low on my colon functions, he gave me some advice and recommendations such as Laser Therapy. 

Healing with Low Level Laser Therapy



Laser Accupuncture

At this time when you mention laser, the first thing that comes into the mind is the laser that can cut through the body and be able to dissolved any lumps or tumors in the body parts. These are the hot lasers that are being commonly used in medicine to cure diseases such as cancer and definitely, along with these comes the higher prioces associated with procedures that involves  laser.
Though these are the common lasers that are known to most people, there is also one useful kind of laser that is now being used. Did you ever heard of low level laser therapy, soft laser, cold laser, low power laser therapy, laser accupuncture, therapeutic laser or the biostimulation laser? All of these terms use the same principles. Right now this kind of laser is gaining popularity in the market.

What is Low Level laser Therapy (LLLT)?

Though there are a lot of terms that are being used, low level laser therapy is the most common term. Right now, this kind of laser therapy is being widely used in the whole world to cure a number of conditions. It is defined as the non-invasive cure using photons. These photons come from the visible and infrared spectrum. These are important for healing the body tissues as well as reducing or easing pain. Usually, low level laser therapy operates using 600 to 1000 nanometers wavelength.

Here are the characteristic of the compressed light that is being used for low level laser therapy:
• It is very much different with the natural light. It is the compressed light that comes from the cold, red part of the spectrum of radiation. It is just one color, the color of red.
• Its light travels in a straight coherent line.
• It is monochromatic. This means that it is a single wavelength.
• It is polarized. The light focus its beam in a certain spot or area.
With these characteristics, the light that is being used for low level laser therapy will be able to penetrate the skin without any heating effect. This will not also damage the skin and also will not cause any side effects.
Low level laser therapy is now being used to treat different conditions such as pain, skin conditions and other chemical substance addictions. This therapy aims to biostimulate. The laser will be the one who will promote healing in a wound or injury. This will be beneficial in repairing damage cells. In this manner, the therapy also speed up while enhancing the body’s immune system as well as aids in easing pain.
Usually, the effect of this therapy is photochemical. This is somehow comparable with the photosynthesis, which is known with plants. The laser that is being used in low level laser therapy promotes the production of ATP or adenosine triphosphate. Also, it helps in increasing the protein synthesis within the cells. This adenosine triphosphate then will give more energy to the cells. And it is by energizing these cells that the body cells will be able to optimize their function in playing an important role in the healing process of the body.
However, for the therapy to become successful and be able to reach the best possible result, these things should be considered:
1. Choosing the appropriate and best wavelength.
2. You should also use the right power levels when using low level laser therapy.
3. You should also check for the amount of energy that would be used. You should also consider the pulsing frequency.
Here are the advantages of low level laser therapy.
1. This therapy is guaranteed to be non-invasive. And there are few or most often none side effects. It will not leave the patient feeling pain or any discomfort.
2. It is said that it is an effective cure for most of sports related injuries or occupational injuries such as back pain, arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome.
3. It can give best result for healing of wounds especially for diabetics.
4. It is very effective option when other treatment solutions have failed to cure the ailment.
With the development in today’s world, developments in technology have increased the usage of low level therapy. Even acupuncture now use soft laser for those who are afraid of needles.
Intravenous Laser Therapy / Endolaser Therapy

  Intravenous laser therapy (laser blood irradiation) is a new type of intravascular  blood treatment showing provable diverse positive effects on the metabolism and the immune system. Longtime research of Russian scientists formed the basis of this procedure which was then developed further and optimized in Germany.
 Intravenous laser therapy is based on the biologic healing action of soft lasers that stimulates the immune system, improves the blood circulation, shows anti-inflammatory effects and activates both the cell metabolism and the production of new cells. Laserneedle acupuncture also makes use of these effects.
The procedure is like transfusion of light
In contrast to laser needle acupuncture, the therapy method of intravenous laser therapy treats the body’s vascular system and not the body from the outside. Blood could indeed also be indirectly radiated through a laser fiber that is placed onto the skin above a vessel. Due to scattering and diffraction processes, the laser beam significantly loses energy before it can take effect on the blood cells inside the vessel. Therefore, both procedures are independent therapy methods that do not compete with each other, but which usefully complement one another.
How it works?Flowing blood cells are directly radiated with laser light of different wavelengths (red, green, blue) via a sterile single-use laser fiber that is inserted into the arm vein with a cannula.Light quanta are absorbed by blood cells; this process sets off the described positive bio-stimulatory reactions and also activates the antioxidant enzyme system.The released light power is extremely low (1-3mW) and is only a fraction of the energy that is used on the skin during laser needle acupuncture. Many experiments from the field of biologic laser research substantiate that these low doses only show bio-stimulatory effects and are completely harmless.Patients are treated while lying down or sitting in recumbent or sitting position. The procedure takes between 30 and 50 minutes. The wearing of anti-laser goggles is not required.
The Author having his Blood Laser Irradiation
IndicationsIntravenous laser therapy can be perfectly used to treat chronic diseases that are connected with a weakness of the immune system, of different organ systems or of the metabolism.Here are some examples:– Inflammations of all kind
– Immunological weak conditions
– Chronic diseases of the liver
– Disorders of the lipid metabolism
– Diabetes
– Autoimmune diseases
– Diseases of the nervous system
– Cardiac and renal diseases
– Chronically inflammatory intestinal diseases
– Macular Degeneration
– Circulatory disturbances
– Skin diseases
– Disturbances of the hormonal system
– Arthroses
– Pains of all kind
– FibromyalgiaFurthermore, intravenous laser therapy can perfectly be used in preventive treatment to stay physically fit and for anti-aging purposes.According to the latest statement of the National Anti-Doping Agency ( NADA), this method is not considered a doping method and may be used to increase the fitness of the athletes.My Personal Thoughts and Experience:

After the needle was inserted into my veins, Nurse Gloria connected the cannula with the laser machine and wait till the treatment finish, during the procedure I experience a deep relaxation and can’t help but fall asleep because I felt a lightness in my body, a feeling that my circulation improved but anyway the real effect usually manifest in weeks and series of treatments, but the following morning I felt my skin complexion glows, the tired skin of my face somewhat more relaxed and energy level improved, I don’t know but I just felt something is different but better, too bad I never had a series of treatment but I will be hoping that they set-up a clinic in Metro Manila soon as they planned, hope it will be the soonest possible time, since I am a believer of this technology and breakthrough. Cebu is very fortunate to avail the treatments at a very much lower cost compared to Metro Manila Clinics and ILCM uses only the original technology fro Russia, many Friends would definitely love this.

Low Level Laser Therapy available at:
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