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Former School Teacher Finds Relief in Intravenous Laser Therapy

Mrs. Chija is now a retired public school teacher after having spent 43 years in the profession, one in Bulan Sorsogon and another in GSIS Village at Project 8, Quezon City. With medical conditions becoming an issue, her retirement was made on 2010. Apart from arthritis and hypertension, Mrs. Chija’s diagnosis on having a Parkinson’s disease proved devastating to her. Now 69 years of age, the old woman also complained of constipation and the feeling of weakness. Making matters worse, she also suffers from tremors—involuntary shaking—in both of her extremities.

As the illness worsened—as is common to those who were diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease—she found it hard to walk and get up from the bed without assistance from family members. That was the time the lady was recommended to Doctor Delfin who immediately referred her for Intravenous Laser Therapy. When Mrs. Chija first came to Integrated Laser and Complementary Medicine, it was very difficult for her to walk unaided, made worse by her involuntary tremors.

Going through the treatment regime, Mrs. Chija’s treatment did not just happen on a single session. After consistently attending 10 sessions of her treatment, Mrs. Chia can get up and walk without help from anybody. She can also sleep soundly at night reflecting a sign of comfort resulting from the treatment. The shaking of her hands also have become less in frequency and intensity. “I can prepare milk myself and my hands do not lock anymore,” according to Mrs. Chija. The tremors have become very rare as well. Her daughter said that the improvement of her mother was simply remarkable. The hands of Mrs. Chija used to lock but now these have become soft and could be easily moved. She can even mix her own milk and lift her feet while sitting down.  The stomach pains disappeared and she feels more relaxed. This is what Intravenous Laser therapy did for her after less than six months.

The intravenous laser therapy—despite its fairly recent introduction into the country—is a tried-and-tested treatment for many known chronic diseases. Having been used in medicine in Eastern Europe since the Soviet era, this treatment has been in practice for at least 25 years up to the present.

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ILACM’s Approach

ILACM employs the most effective natural and complementary treatment for multitude of chronic illnesses. ILACM always begins its medical treatment recommendation through non pharmacologic approaches with which the result is instant and complement it with natural remedy approaches to achieve optimum long term results.

ILACM has been operating in-clinic and home services in different parts of the country for the last six years.

Our innovation has a proven track record of benefitting numerous patients with natural and complementary medical approaches.

At ILACM, we value your health condition and hope to help you achieve optimum health results. That’s why if you are an ILACM client, all information and medical opinion are evaluated carefully by registered medical professionals, specialists and consultants. Your medical information is stored securely in our Patient Management System (PMS) which is another cutting-edge logistics innovation. This is available should you opt to require additional medical care.

ILACM offers one of the most advanced preventive and therapeutic forms of treatment for developing to advance stages of chronic illnesses. This is achieved through its cutting edge technology, the Intravenous Laser Therapy, Disolf, Inlacin, Anti Stress Gadgets, Holistic Beauty Laser Therapy, and many more above board preventive and therapeutic medical innovations.

ILACM offers a broad range of services for both local patients and those from overseas through our Medical Tourism Services.

ILACM does not encourage patient to stop his or her existing treatments.

ILACM advocates that patients continue using natural complementary technique with existing conventional approaches. The ultimate goal is for patients to slowly cut back on some of the traditional medicines in such a way that their condition significantly improves, employing only natural therapeutic methods with lifestyle change. Like all medical treatments and procedures, positive results may not always be achieved. However, ILACM does not guarantee therapeutic success since individual results may vary based on severity of the condition.

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The FREE ONLINE HEALTH CHECK is to focus on ILACM’s patients and clients base. Most ILACM products and services require medical professional prescription. Since our patients’ health security is our utmost concern, most of these products employ natural health approaches known to be safe and have no known side effects. In spite of this assurance, we still take into account that everything we offer–therapeutic drugs or food supplement may have contraindications that could result to unfavorable outcome. We therefore want to make sure that we avoid or at least minimize this risk.

All statements, opinions and recommendation contained herein are meant solely for information and education. These should not be considered as substitute for appropriate medical diagnosis and healthcare. Just like all medical treatment procedures, results may differ significantly. Likewise, positive results may not be attained at all times. You can get in touch with our representatives so we can assess your specific condition.

The Free Online Health Check of ILACM is meant to determine if the patient will benefit from ILACM’s preventive and therapeutic approaches. IF YOU ARE SUFFERING FROM ANY SEVERE OR ACUTE CONDITIONS AND REQUIRE URGENT ATTENTION, PLEASE CONSULT YOUR DOCTOR RIGHT AWAY. ILACM cannot guarantee immediate solutions that may compromise your existing condition and wellbeing.

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