Integrated Laser and Complementary Medicine (ILACM) is the official and only partner of Onco GENOTEST, OncoDNA and VETA-GRAND (Fotoditazin).

These companies chose us because ILACM is an institution in the medical industry that employs state of the art laser technology and employs experienced as well as prominent medical professionals in different fields of specialization. Furthermore, ILACM does not contradict conventional medicine. On the contrary, it supports modern medical approaches with its modalities such as Intravenous Laser Therapy, Transcutaneous and Beauty Therapies and Customized Cancer Treatment.

ILACM’s collaboration with these respectable international entities is a boon for patients who want and deserve only the best remedies for their illnesses.


Onco GENOTEST is the official representative of Belgian Laboratories (OncoDNA) in the Russian Federation. The company’s primary objective is to introduce the modern “Omiksynh” technologies in clinical practice and maximize treatment of cancers. It offers the diagnostic system called OncoDEEP which combines the most advanced technology for evaluating genetic profiles of tumors as well as ability to use this data in determining personalized treatment strategies.


OncoDNA has acquired more than 60 years of expertise in medical diagnostics. The company was founded by a team of experts with many years of experience in DNA sequencing and diagnostic analyses in Oncology.

OncoDNA believes that cancer treatment calls for close monitoring of this disease along with thorough understanding of the mechanisms of mutation. The company offers a new and efficient technique in fighting cancers mainly through personalized medicine. OncoDNA also focuses on the patient’s welfare aside from providing the best cancer theranostic solutions.


The company “VETA-GRAND” was established in 1993. It specializes in research and development and production of biotechnological products, mainly medical agents and special biologically active products that provide correction of most important disorders in humans.

The company has highly qualified scientific and technical staff. All the scientific-technical results obtained by “VETA-GRAND” are covered by patents of the Russian Federation and reported in a large number of scientific papers.

At present main efforts of “VETA-GRAND” are aimed at development and wide clinical application of new highly effective technologies for diagnosis and treatment of cancer with photodynamic therapy (PDT) methods.

In the result of a long-term and thorough research studies company “VETA-GRAND” has developed a photosensitizer of the new generation FOTODITAZIN®, a highly efficient agent for photodynamic therapy, particularly indicated for malignant tumors. FOTODITAZIN® is a unique drug, which is used both for fluorescent diagnostics and photodynamic therapy.


Integrated Laser and Complementary Medicine or ILACM has a pioneering, reliable and strong marketing arm called Business and Wellness Entrepreneurs (BAWE). BAWE is composed of results-driven entrepreneurs who have undergone a comprehensive training program conducted by ILACM medical and marketing professionals. We offer BAWE members a very competitive and generous compensation clinic by bringing patients to any clinic of Integrated Laser and Complementary Medicine or ILACM within their jurisdiction.


This innovative and ground-breaking technology came from Israel and widely used in Russia. This technique was practiced extensively in Israel but adopted later in Russia and sold commercially in some pharmacies in Moscow and other Russian cities until the year 2005. Modern medical research disclosed that Onkokompleks BIOGENIUS has the capacity to impact anti-tumor effects directly. This outcome was highlighted by the bio-information element obtained from the patient’s blood sample. It is made up of specially-processed silver plate (matrix) connected to the patient's skin to identify any tumor or tumors. The term "Biotherapy" includes cancer vaccines and products of modern biotechnology (IV PDT, monoclonal (single) anti-bodies, cytokines (protein generated by cells), cellular issues, and regulation of genomes’ activities).