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We eat mushrooms just like an ordinary part of our cuisine without really knowing and understanding their health benefits.

Mushrooms are considered vegetables in the food world but they are actually fungi, not technically plants. Based on studies, increasing consumption of whole, unprocessed foods like mushrooms, appears to decrease the risk of obesity, diabetes and heart disease. Further, mushrooms also promote a healthy complexion and hair, increased energy and overall, they lower weight.

Mushrooms are low in carbohydrates and calories, yet a great source of Vitamin B, trace minerals, fiber and protein. They are also known as anti-inflammatory food, containing high levels of beta-glucans compounds that keep immune cells alert, plus powerful antioxidant called ergothioneine that helps lower body inflammation.

Studies show that medicinal use of mushrooms has a very long tradition in the Asian countries that goes back thousands of years. However, the use in the Western Hemisphere only started in the past several decades. Then numerous researches further show that mushrooms are now vital, biologically active compounds with significant protective effects.

For thousands of years, almost every ancient civilization around the world has used mushrooms for their healing properties. Even ancient Egyptians called this fungi the “plant of immortality.” It is also considered as “super food” and one of the most health-promoting foods on the planet.

Many mushrooms are also good sources of selenium, an antioxidant mineral, as well as copper, niacin, potassium and phosphorous. Additionally, mushrooms provide protein, vitamin C and iron. Because their cells walls are indigestible unless exposed to heat, mushrooms should be cooked to get their nutritional benefits.

Today, there are over 10,000 known types of mushrooms. This may seem like a large number, but mycologists suspect that this is only a fraction of what’s out there that remain to be discovered or identified.

To understand, researchers categorize the various species into 4: saprotrophic, mycorrhizal, parasitic, and endophytic. These categories describe how the organism feeds itself.

Saprotrophic mushrooms are decomposers. They release acids and enzymes that break down dead tissue into smaller molecules they can absorb. Thus decaying wood, plants, and even animals can become food for a saprotroph.

Mycorrhizal mushrooms have a fascinating relationship with trees and other plants. The mycelia of these fungi enter into a beneficial union with the roots of plants by either weaving into the root cells (endomycorrhizal) or wrapping around the roots themselves (ectomycorrhizal).

Parasitic types of mushrooms also take plant hosts. Although in this case the relationship is one-sided. These fungi will infect the host and eventually kill.

Endophytic fungi deserve their own category due to their behavior. Endophytes partner with plants by invading the host tissue. However, unlike with parasitic fungi, the host remains healthy and seem to benefit with increased nutrient absorption and resistance to pathogens. Unlike mycorrhizal fungi, most endophytes can be easily cultivated in a lab without their host present.

At the same time, not all mushrooms may be beneficial to our health. Out of 10,000 species of this fungus, 50 to 100 types are toxic. These can cause symptoms such as gastrointestinal problems, visual issues, palpitations, chills, and kidney and liver failure. Avoid eating these harmful varieties of mushrooms at all costs.

These are some good reasons why mushrooms should be included in our diet:

  1. Balance Cholesterol Levels -Mushrooms have lean proteins, free-fat, free cholesterol, and low in carbohydrates. Mushrooms also have enzymes and fiber that can reduce cholesterol levels and balance the good and bad cholesterol level in the body. There are a lot of healthy recipes that you can try with mushrooms and you can try to eat every week. Mushrooms not only help you lower bad cholesterol, but it also helps you prevent other diseases such as stroke, heart attack, atherosclerosis, etc.
  2. Cure Anemia – when one has anemia, the blood will be lower in iron and it causes headaches, fatigue, and digestive problems. Treating anemia by foods, including mushrooms, is also a safe way. Mushrooms are rich in iron that can be absorbed by the body and it can promote the red blood cells formation as well as keep the body healthy and potential.
  3. Prevent Prostate Cancer – Prostate cancer is common cancer in men. This kind of cancer grows slowly and it really has no sign for many years. The most symptoms should be increased urinating, increased straining and you will have a full feeling in the bladder. In this case, one should use mushrooms, which can prevent prostate cancer due to the linoleic acid, beta-glucans in the ingredient. By eating mushrooms, the risk of getting this cancer will be reduced significantly. Moreover, a patient should also eat red foods like tomatoes, fruits, veggies, fish, soybean, tea, natural fat, eat folate foods, dairy products, and give up smoking, alcohol,
  4. Prevent Breast Cancer – Breast cancer is a very common kind of disease in women worldwide. About 16% of female have this cancer and it caused the death for the patients. Breast cancer has the high rate in nations and there are a lot of reasons that lead to breast cancer including foods. Linoleic acid in mushrooms can reduce the increased estrogen and prevent breast cancer effectively. As the result, you should have mushrooms in your weekly diet
  5. Treat Diabetes -Treating diabetes is one of the benefits of mushrooms due to fat-free, cholesterol-free, and low in carbohydrates. Mushrooms are also great in protein, minerals, and vitamins as well as fiber and water. Additionally, mushrooms contain enzymes, insulin that can break down the starch and sugar in food. Mushrooms can promote the functions of the liver, endocrine glands, and pancreas and encourage the insulin formation. Diabetic patients easily get infections, especially in the limbs and it can last for a long time. Mushrooms have natural antibiotics that can protect the body from diabetes.
  6. Improve Bone – mushrooms contain calcium, which is very necessary for bone development. Supplying enough calcium can reduce the risks of osteoporosis and it can lower the risk of joint pain, and bone diseases. Also, one should eat calcium-rich foods such as more cheese, yogurt, milk, sardines, dark leafy greens, cereals, orange juice, soybeans, soy milk, grains, waffles, etc.
  7. Cure High Blood Pressure -High blood pressure or hypertension can increase the risk of dementia, kidney disease, heart failure, and heart attack. So the advice for the adults with high blood pressure is to check the blood pressure regularly and eating healthy foods is the key to treating this problem. Potassium in mushrooms can relax the tension in the blood vessels and reduce the blood pressure very well. High blood pressure is connective with serious conditions such as strokes and heart attacks as well as the cognitive function. Obviously, treating high blood pressure is one of the best benefits of mushrooms you can get for your own.
  8. Good In Copper -Copper has the good effects for the body and it can be found in mushrooms. Copper can treat arthritis, benefit the eyes and hair, improve brain health, stimulate enzymatic reactions, lower the process of premature aging, reduce cholesterol, and improve immunity. Mushrooms are one of the foods with highest copper content. Moreover, copper can be found in seafood, raw kale, seeds, nuts, beans, avocados, fruits, goat cheese, soy foods, and so on. In addition, mushrooms have the high level of iron and calcium. and you. Copper is also good in balancing cholesterol, increasing energy, improving tissue and bone, etc.
  9. Lose Weight -Losing weight is always a difficult process for obese people. There are many fat loss programs on the market today, but the combination of healthy diets with proper exercises is the great choice for them. Eating lean protein foods like mushrooms is a perfect way to reduce weight. It is very excellent that mushrooms have no cholesterol, no fat and it is great in fiber that can eliminate fat naturally. In daily diets, one should not eat a lot of meat, instead, he should take advantage of fish, lean meat like mushrooms. They can add mushrooms in soups, combine with chicken, vegetables, green bean, etc.
  10. Boost Up Your Energy – If one is usually tired and feel weak, he should know how to increase energy for your daily works? You should boost up your energy by eating healthy foods like mushrooms, which is great in B vitamins. Mushrooms are high in vitamin B2, B3, and vitamin B5. Along with that, one should eat more foods such as eggs, fresh fruit, water, nuts, dark chocolate, asparagus, cardamom, sauerkraut, etc. Generally, one can eat mushrooms by combining it with other ingredients to make healthy and delicious recipes.
  11. Good For The Skin – Eating good foods can beautify nails and hair. Mushroom is one of the best vegetables that beautify and it can stimulate metabolism. Selenium in mushrooms can protect skin and improve elasticity very well. Polysaccharide in mushrooms can keep the skin hydrated and it can reduce fine lines, wrinkles as well as make the skin look supple and smooth. Mushrooms include antioxidants and compounds that can fight inflammation to treat acne, rosacea, and eczema. Moreover, mushrooms have kojic acid that is used in skin lightener and one should eat mushrooms to take the effectiveness of this ingredient.
  12. Improve Hair -Like every part of the body, the hair should get enough nutrients for its health and deficiency of nutrients can lead to some hair problems like hair loss and dry hair. Mushrooms can provide the significant level of water, copper, and selenium that are vital for your hair. Copper in mushroom can facilitate the iron absorption from the foods and it is connected to the melanin production. Mushrooms also have the great source of iron that can improve your health and strengthen your hair. Mushrooms are also great in water and it keeps your hair hydrated.

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